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Innovation in energy-saving

A new era is coming where just about machines and robots can run mostly everything and energy will be the thing that keeps it all running. We will provide richer solutions through the use of advanced technology to save energy and keep it efficient.


With our HQ in Tokyo, Japan and more than 4 branches that covers MENA region and Europe. We are expanding rapidly to cover the whole globe soon in order to help providing our solutions to save energy.

For a Greener World

Our group is aiming to build more than a profitable entity, a community that positively influence to stop the environmental danger surrounding our world! The world is really changing and if we didn’t start to behave better with the energy now, then it’s too late for the next generations. This could be done by understanding it, analyzing it then apply our plans to face it. We need to enhance not only our performance but also our behavior and attitude to lead the globe to an eco friendly society. As we have limited resources, we need to use it wisely to reach our goals. Small changes does matter!

Alaa Alyaman
Executive Chairman
Enersol – Techsol Group

The world is changing…

We need to keep up with the evaluations surrounding us. It is our responsibility to direct the changes to the right direction which helps us to have better life and better world. Our group vision not only to build a company structure… we are building the future with you and for you

Nada Elnammas
Enersol – Techsol Group

Environmental Vision

Our goal is to reduce energy waste close to zero. Therefore it will reduce the CO2 emissions used to generate the electricity as well! Creating a various products to help you choose the one that suits your facility. Choosing us means to “Take a green step ahead”. As an eco-friendly company, we believe that we can do more for the future of the planet and its next generations, nature & more. We are going beyond individual in order to jointly establish this future together with you! Aiming for nothing but the best.

Economical Vision

Reducing the energy waste = reducing the electricity consumption as well! Our prices are managed to serve your needs, saves your money along with the environment. Creating more than 1 type of our products to offer the best return of investment (ROI) system that suits your facility is our priority. With EnerSol™️ Plates you do not have to pay high to get the technology! As all of our products are costing you only 1-time investment EnerSol Life Cycle Cost (LLC) is only the first Acquisition Cost no more!

Your Best Partner

We are promoting means of energy-reduction on a daily basis. Therefore, we are working all the way from product development & sales to the client consultation & follow-up services. Our support team is available around the world through our branches in MENA Region, Asia & Europe which allows us to serve you 24 hours!

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