Enersol™ Installation

The following guidelines aim is to ensure the safety of the installation staff, as well as to get the most efficient results through correct product installation. Therefore, there shall not be any violation of cautions, prohibition items as well as installation procedures prescribed, and arbitrarily taking measures other than those specified.


Where it does come from?


When Enersol isn’t installed, the noise will keep transmitting within the network and the noise frequency will generate to higher levels.
Once the noise reaches 30MHz~ it will be generated as a non-electrical wave and will be wasted on the air.


When Enersol is installed on all the end-user breakers, the noise will not be regenerated to a higher levels and it won’t affect the network.

Residential Installation

Kindly install Enersol plates on the lines. (if not possible, you can install on the incoming lines). Do not install on the incoming side unless you cannot place it on the outgoing as it might slightly affect the results.

Commercial Installation

Please install Enersol on the end-user electrical panel before the load, which means there shall be no other panels between the load and Enersol.

Industrial Installation

Same as Enersol commercial Enersol Industrial will be installed on the end-user electrical panel before the load, no installations will be done on Only control panels. Each end user panel shall be Electrical Panel that distribute directly to the load.

MED~HI Voltage Installation

For loads above 3.3KV and 3-core cables machines Enersol shall be installed on the end user breaker of this machine and the installation method will differ regarding the machine power feeding type and whether if it 3 core cables or not. Enersol will advise the 3.3kV and above installation each time after studying the machine and power feeding type.

Enersol will work on filtering the conducted noise in the electric wave which will save the power consumption but, how’s that?

THD: A low frequency harmonics 150Hz~5KHz, Enersol will not affect this kind of noise directly.

Conducted Noise:
with a frequency range 150KHz~ 30MHz, this tyoe of noise contains both of active and reactive noise.

Radiated Noise:
with a frequency range 30MHz~1GHZ, this type of noise wave is not considered to be in an electrical shape anymore.

The conducted noise flows along with electric current wave.

The current wave after installing Enersol.

By affixting Enersol, the plate with the power cable will create an electromagnetic field which will allow Enersol to absorb the noise and turn it to radiation with a small heat that doesn’t exceed 0.5 degree

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